유니크한 뉴욕감성의 아이웨어 브랜드 “아일랜드서프(ISLANDSURF)”
'아일랜드 서프'는 롱비치의 여유로운 서퍼들의 모습과 눈부신 뉴욕의 태양을 담아낸 감각적이고 유니크한 디자인에서 시작되었다.
또한 뉴욕 거리의 화려함과 여유로움은 물론, 도시의 고독함과 공허함까지 함께 담아내어 뉴요커들의 감각적이면서도 세련된 감성이 느껴진다. 아일랜드 서프만의 변하지 않은 아이덴티티는 스트릿함과 자유분방을 추구하면서도 절제미, 우아한 세련됨을 잃지 않는 것이다.
New York story
To some, New York is the city of dreams, where they would like to travel some day, but to others, it can be the city of isolation. The streets of Sogo, 5th street and Times Square are always full of people, you can meet exceptional art pieces at the Lumas Gallery or the MOMA, or you can dine at the Sara Beth’s restaurant like the main character of a movie. New York prides itself with Long Beach, which is famous between young surfers for its high waves, where you can taste the special sunlight and smell the Atlantic.
Where would the loneliest place in the world be? Being left alone in a desolate desert, a deserted island facing the Atlantic Ocean, or could it be the gorgeous city?
The streets and alleys of New York full of bright neon lights and abundance could be a huge island floating in solitude
Todays lifestyle that emphasizes personal space and individuality in taste are similar to sunglasses in that sense. It is the irony of sunglasses that they have sparkling mirror lenses, impacting features and refined taste in colors hides ones eyes, yet makes a statement of oneself.
A residential district of SW London, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Named in southwestern London. The area where artists lived in the nineteenth century. In the 1960s, new fashion and culture moves. In the 1970s, Vivienne Westwood opened its boutique and became the site of a British punk-look. Mary Quant has opened her boutique "bazaar" on King's Road.
It is one of the five municipalities in New York and is located on the western side of Long Island. It faces Manhattan bounded by the Long Island Channel to the north and the East River to the west. Panorama of the City of New York in the Queens museum continues to be updated to reflect the changes in New York City, with exhibitions of the most racially and artistically diverse artists in the United States.
South of Manhattan, New York, a cluster of art galleries between holiday turn and Kernal. From the 1950s, as the artists began to dwell, the streets of art began. With the emergence of new expressive paintings in the 1980s, Sogo has a lively and sensuous gallery and shops. Sogo has continued its reputation as a street of art.
The Sara Beth’s restaurant : Serving their famous brunches, and a place where every woman visiting New York would need to stop by. The delicate and lovely double color tones and romantic atmosphere of Island Surf’s sunglass resembles Sara Beth’s.
The breathtaking view of New York. It is complicated up close, but from a distance it creates a wonderful night view. The city of New York has a very contradicting charm. The art pieces in the Lumas Gallery show New York is splendid, yet complicated. This is eccentric charm is melted in to ISLAND SURF’s LUMAS. These sunglasses have sensual curves stand out, yet has the chic and cold allure.
When you pass the colorful streets and arrive at New Yorks famous Museum of Modern Art MOMA, anyone would be full of excitement to meet exceptional art. When meeting the works of Gogh, Warhol, Lichtenstein’s pop art, it gives the viewer a sense of the hidden side of darkness and solitude. There is a power of art, a power that sees the other New York.
Long Beach is the longest beach in New York, where you can feel the free-spirited and relaxed atmosphere. At a glance one can see leisurely surfers enjoying waves and people sunbathing in the warm sunlight. ISLAND SURF’s LONG BEACH sunglass got it’s motif from the surfers on Long Beach, their free spirit and leisure, the rough waves and dynamic movements.
It boasts the largest store in the world with headquarters in New York. New Yorkers as well as the famous department store, even among travelers Indah always crowded with many people then. This can be shopping in the store wide margin but, a year with the exception of the sale period which has several. Very casual brand values form the primary rather than an expensive luxury and a lot of young shoppers are catching the eye.
Coney Island's history began in the 1890s. Coney Island is almost the only beach was the most beautiful beaches in New York City, but first I almost getaway for the rich first roller coaster Hot Dog looking and people began to come alive while they gathered. It is also a place open to eat hot dog contest held today.
When all evening atmosphere and food taste so good Moroccan restaurant in New York 'Cafe Mogador'Too pretty raw part-time jobs are likely to come to Hollywood serving woman, or even at busy watching them like crazy. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very good friends or lover or a feeling of love or friendship comes the moment to explode.Near New York University, because young people because so many hot place reservation is required.
Breakfast true New Yorker appeared frequently in films is eating a bagel and a cup of coffee on a busy commute. Opened in 1976. Esa bagel! When I kkopeul a bagel shop in New York, one of the names that never fall into place.Jewish bagel is enough flatbread popular in Korea as well as wellness foods now even sue on and drenched in butter croissants were like the food around the world.